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  • Welcome My Love - Oh how we anticipated your arrival! - Hardcover

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    Welcome My Love is an inspirational book that is perfect for expectant mothers and families to read aloud to precious little ones while in the womb to familiarize them with the voices of their loved ones and to enhance the bonding experience.

    Around week 25 of pregnancy, ears are rapidly developing, and a baby can recognize their mother's voice. Reading loving, soothing, and welcoming words stimulates an interest in sounds. Also, it helps with the development of listening skills while helping to prepare little ones for their birth passage. It's never too early to start telling your baby how loved they are.

    Welcome My Love is an excellent book to gift for baby showers, baby sprinkles, baby announcements, gender reveals, baby baptisms, and more. Also, Welcome My Love is perfect for pairing with Bibs Plus baby bibs, blankets, onesies, and other offerings. It celebrates the joy of new life while laying the earliest foundation for a little one's literacy.