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  • Jungle Gym - Hardcover & Signed Book by Sharon Benjamin

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    Ms. Finkelsnoo and her third grade class were excited when they saw their escaped caterpillars-turned-butterflies fluttering down the hallway to the great outdoors. But, nothing could match the uproar that their plants caused in this whimsical book. Join Ms. Finkelsnoo and her class as they begin their next science unit. See what happens when the plants take on a growth spurt.

    Appropriate for kindergarten through fourth grade.

    3 Reasons You Want This Book!

    1.    Interesting story.

    2.     Well written.

    3.     Beautifully illustrated by Jay Foster. 

    About the Author Sharon Benjamin

    She was inspired to write Jungle Gym, her first children's book, after teaching a science unit about plants to her third grade class. Sharon has been a Legislative Correspondent for the United States Congress, a radio talk show host, and a television correspondent. She lives in New Jersey with her husband.

    About the Illustrator - Jay Foster has been producing artwork since the age of four. His primary interest are cartooning, illustrating for publications, story boarding and character design for live action and animated film, and video projects. See above pics of a few of Jay's illustrations.

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