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  • -Handcrafted Triple Layer, Solid Gray Sweatshirt Cotton Fabric, Black Piping/Cording Finish

    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Sometimes you just want to customize and this is a new offering per requests. Because of the size of the bib we are limiting each line to 12 characters to fit nicely. Please select if you would like a red or pink heart. 

     About this bib, it is:

    • proudly handcrafted in the USA.
    • well constructed and finished with BLACK cording/piping for a true couture look and feel bib. 
    • Design - front side neck closure versus back of neck Velcro fit. This eliminates the possibility of hair getting caught in Velcro closure.
    • Nickel Free Snaps for a secure fit versus Velcro.
    • Triple layer bib - liquid resistant super soft inner liner & 100% premium terrycloth back that acts like a washcloth to wipe their cute little face. Our triple layer bibs keep babies dry longer.
    • fabric - 100% gray COMFY sweatshirt cotton (strong & durable). 

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