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  • Adult Coloring Book - 72 pages of meditative floral designs


    Psychologists say adult coloring books actually do lower stress! Adult coloring is a thing - a thing that has been around for several decades and has just recently gained mainstream popularity. The activity, experts say, has a brain-quieting, stress-reducing effect. Whether you want to unplug or do something creative while commuting or watching TV, this coloring book offers 72 pages of meditative floral designs for you to de-stress.  We include some coloring pencils in the package:)

    Lots of adults who are joining the coloring movement and some are hosting coloring parties! 

        About Vive Le Color! FLOWERS - Coloring Book:

        - it is a top bound pad that is perfect for both right and left handers

        - pages are detachable so please share:)

        - images are printed on high quality paper suitable for pencils, markers, and watercolors

        - size is compact and great for travel:) - approx 7 x 7

        We only ship within the USA at this time.