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Bibs Plus was formally birthed early 2014 when founder Sarah Faison was passionate about creating fashion forward bibs for the precious little ones in her life. The vision was to grow the business to provide other great offerings in addition to bibs as the name indicates Bibs Plus. Today, our handcrafted triple layer fashionable boutique quality bibs continues to be a top seller! We now offer diverse products (apparel, accessories, teethers, blankets, books, candles, e Gift Certificates and more). 

Sarah Faison is the President of Bibs Plus, a diversified business that was launched in 2014 featuring fashionable, handcrafted, made in the USA baby bibs.   She is a focused entrepreneur with 25 years of intense corporate experience working for the headquarters of the largest USA retailers’ cooperative supermarket chain.

Sarah holds the title of Learning Specialist within the Corporate University and she facilitates multiple training workshops. Her love for education has a wide span. She has taught at every level from kindergarten to college, including as an adjunct professor with Georgian Court University in the Communications Department. Aside from her business, two of her greatest joys are being a mother and wife.  

Sarah takes pleasure in listening to music and audible books and meditating.  Living a balanced life is her mantra and she always finds time to spend quality time with family and friends.  

 Bibs Plus had a fab show in Atlantic City Fashion Week (Season 11) September 15th. 



June 28, 2017 WIBO 16-Week Workshop Graduation <----- Click to navigate to WIBO's site. 

Sarah Faison was the Keynote Speaker. 

Sarah Faison is the President of Bibs Plus and a proud Spring 2015 Workshop in Business Opportunities (WIBO*) graduate. She is a Rutgers University graduate and she received her Executive MBA degree from Saint Joseph’s University, Erivan K. Haub School of Business. Sarah has 25+ years of diverse business experience and loves to collaborate and inspire other entreprenuers.  

*Founded in 1966 in Harlem, the Workshop in Business Opportunities is a private non-profit organization that is committed to assisting men and women with the drive to become successful entrepreneurs. 

WIBO's mission is to enable small business owners and budding entrepreneurs from underserved communities to obtain financial success by starting, operating, and building successful businesses that develop economic power, provide jobs and improve communities. 

Bibs Plus Featured on Spotlight NJ April 29 & 30, 2017 Times: 1:30 and 3:30


Bibs Plus was selected and participated at the Greater Newark Mini Maker Faire.

Previously asked interviewed questions and Bibs Plus responses.

What was the hardest obstacle you faced when starting your business, as a first time, prospective entrepreneur AND being a woman of color?


BibsPlus is my third business since starting my first business about 20 years ago. As a full time professional working in Corporate America, wife, and mother my hardest obstacle was BALANCE. As a first time entrepreneur I had to learn to NOT let setbacks hold me back. My first business idea was rejected several times before I landed the opportunity to forge ahead with it. I honestly don’t know if being a woman of color was an obstacle in starting my business. If so, I was unaware of it. After several years as a first time entrepreneur, with a business that was steadily growing, the demand of my time was overwhelming and I decided to dissolve the business and redirect in participating more significantly as mother to my daughter. However, I always knew that I would venture down the road of entrepreneurship again.


My second business was birthed during my daughter’s high school years. It was a handcrafted jewelry business that existed for about 8 years. What a great experience! I had the opportunity to sell my pieces in boutiques, experienced partnering with a fashion designer and created the accessories to pair with his designs that showed during NYC Fashion Week, engaged a multitude of customers, and wrote for a magazine, just to name a few achievements.


About four years ago the birth of my great-niece changed my world. I noticed that after enjoying her adorable little face, the bib was the next FOCAL POINT and I personally wasn’t always happy with the choice. It was then that I realized the BIB was an important baby accessory! I began to recognize that not all bibs are equalJ. Some have Velcro and closure in the back of the neck while others have snaps; some have plastic backing; and some are only a single layer of fabric. This concerned me because the drool of a teething baby could easily soak the bib. I began purchasing a variety of bibs to capture what I liked and did not like. Something within me leaped and I desired to create handcrafted, quality, fashion forward BIBS. Not a big transition from my handcrafted jewelry business. I was able to utilize many of my existing skills that I had developed. One awesome change with business venture three is that we are a family business (all on the same page) working collectively, growing the business and sharing in the success together.


As we approach a New Year, do you have any words of advice to inspire women who are thinking of starting a business, but are possibly second guessing themselves?


Yes, my advice is to create a vision board/box and put their intentions and desires further out into the universe. Next, spend as much time as they can moving in the direction they want to go. It is important that they JUST GET STARTED. Doors of opportunity will surely begin to open up if they STAY FOCUSED and forge ahead in the direction of their dream(s) and further develop meaningful relationships with people who can help them with their success journey (as they give back to others). I recommend LOTS of FAITH AND POSTIVE SELF TALKJ.


What are some of the biggest misconceptions you've found about being an entrepreneur?


What a great question! I have many and will share my top threeJ.


1.      Entrepreneurs can only be successful if they have large funding backing them.


Often times you can start small and grow your business. Think creatively in exchanging skills that you have for product(s) and services. Utilize the talent of people who are willing to share (family & friends) as a start. 


2.      Entrepreneurs have to do everything themselves.


There are many opportunities to delegate tasks/assignments and these should be taken advantage of to build a team. It can be with interns, family, friends and part-time team members just to name a few. This is imperative for long-term growth and what a stress reliever in the long run.


3.      Entrepreneurs have to take huge risks.


You are the driver of the ship and you can choose the risks that best suit you.

 Why do you think entrepreneurship is so important, specifically for women?


Entrepreneurship is important for many reasons, and my top reason is that we create innovative products and services that contribute to the success of the economy and society as a whole. We have to engage and interact with many other businesses in order to grow our business (purchasing materials, products, and services). We often create new jobs as we grow. With more disposal dollars we tend to spend more, thus further helping the economy.


Entrepreneurship is an awesome opportunity for women because it allows the development of many diverse key skills like Decision Making, Relationship Building, and Team Building to name a few. I appreciate that entrepreneurship has enabled me to further develop in the areas of embracing change, and thinking strategically. These skills enable women to have more meaningful relationships; both business and personal.  

They say the most accomplished and successful people are also some of the most organized--what are some of you best practices for staying organized? 

 My best practice for staying organized is finding systems that work and then repeating them until they become habit.

Example: Carving out an hour daily to follow-up on my TO DO LIST and updating it appropriately. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” –Aristotle

To stay organized it is imperative for me to write things down.  I use Stephen Convey’s Time Management Matrix/System - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I write down my many items (each on a different poster sticker) and place them in the appropriate Time Management Matrix quadrant. I have a hard copy of the matrix on a large board that I reference on a regular basis. Using the poster stickers I am able to quickly move an item from one quadrant to another with ease. This is working nicely for me because as an entrepreneur life can be extremely busy and I find that it is imperative that you stay focused on the overall progress of your business.



Do you have any additional words of advice or inspiration for women who are looking to start their own business?


Yes, set goals, set both long term and short term priorities, maintain your focus, encourage yourself and forge ahead!

Were there any risks that you had to take and/or challenges that you faced while developing Bibs Plus?


Sarah Faison: Yes, challenge number one was to learn how to sew, challenge two was establishing and maintaining a great team. Embracing Social Media posed yet another challenge. Thankfully, both my husband and I had other businesses.


My previous business was handcrafting jewelry and my husband built high quality custom designed furniture. Both were dissolved to focus on the success of Bibs Plus, thus making it a family owned and operated business. Our only daughter became our first Social Media Manager.

Did you learn anything new about running your own product line/business while working on Bibs Plus?


Sarah Faison: The importance of having a passion for what you do because you meet many obstacles and having passion makes it much easier to overcome them. I have learned that leadership, flexibility, teamwork and the ability to make sound decisions are extremely important in running your own business. Also, learning how to balance the diverse roles that you have to fill.

What is the most rewarding part of running Bibs Plus?

There are several rewarding parts of running Bibs Plus and it’s hard to choose just one. First, as stated before, we are doing something that we have a great passion for, next is that we simply love our little ones. They are absolutely adorable and the moms are the best. It is also rewarding having family and friends involved with our growth. Lastly, we benefit from the opportunity to interact with so many others, our social media family, our team members, vendors, and customers.

Bibs Plus: The Stylish Way to Keep Your Baby Dry - 11/30/2016

By BLACKAMAZING.COM <----- Click link to website for feature.


Bibs Plus has received rave reviews from parents for providing stylish boutique quality bibs..... click link to read the full feature on Black Amazing website

Press Release: Bibs Plus to Launch their Signature Collection this October! Visit their booth at the Children’s Club Event at Javits Center, NYC, October 18-20.


UNION, NJ (September 8, 2015) – Bib Plus bibs are so out of the box! They are eye catching with their awesome fashion forward patterns and colors. Nestling next to your little’s beautiful face they are sure to receive many compliments! They are the ultimate baby outfit accessory! Let the bib make the statement.

ABOUT BIBS PLUS: This USA company was birthed March, 2014 and their bibs are handcrafted in the USA using premium certified fabrics. They are demanding the attention of many because their bibs are well-constructed, have a super soft inner liner, they wash well, have a secure side closure (non-Velcro), and they have a quality piping/cording finish. Bibs Plus continues to connect, listen, and engage with parents for meaningful feedback to enable them to create safe, quality, fashionable bibs for babies and toddlers. 

Bibs Plus has an on-line store and are selling their products through several retailers. They are forging ahead with partnering with other established retailers to increase their reach to consumers. Sarah Faison, President of Bibs Plus shared “We are really excited to be an exhibitor at the upcoming Children’s Club event at the Javits in the upcoming weeks to connect with representatives from some awesome companies”. To learn more, contact them at or

Bibs Plus’s President attributes the success of Bibs Plus to the talented, diverse, and dedicated team members. They are the company’s greatest asset!

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