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"Hands down best bibs ever! So many cute designs for boys and girls and they definitely keep babies dry"!!      IG ms_sheenabaybee

"Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product"! xxkayxx - IG Mommy Blogger

"...My daughter has Laryngomalacia and reflux so bibs are a must have. I am  in love with Bibs Plus bibs because they absorb well and fit well too. Bibs Plus has stylish bibs.  So if you are a parent looking for good quality and stylish bibs check them out and you won't be disappointed."

IG dione_mom_of_3_beauties

"Love ur bibs and adorable babies"!!!  IG pmsearight

"I don't know where to start when it comes to this bib... I am not the easiest person to please but Bibs Plus has superceeded my expectations... I was so impressed with the packaging!!! I love when I can tell that someone actually cared about the product they are selling... now to the bib!!! I have purchased all types of bibs and I feel secure in saying NONE of them compare to the quality of this bib... I am totally in love with this bib and it is fashionable as well as functional (icing on the cake)! You guys are really on to something with the bib/headband combo. As a mom that has to have a bib because of acid reflux and teething, I love the fact that Ms. Fancy is still fancy with her bib on... In love with the bib and the service received...for you guys that follow my customer service and quality rating page @harts_rating I give Bibs Plus five hearts"    IG fancydecole