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Approximately six years ago the birth of my great-niece changed my world. I noticed that after enjoying her adorable little face, the bib was the next FOCAL POINT and I personally wasn’t always happy with the choice. It was then that I realized the BIB was an important baby accessory! I began to recognize that not all bibs are equal. Some have Velcro and closure in the back of the neck while others have snaps; some have front side of neck closure; some have plastic backing; and some are only a single layer of fabric. This concerned me because the drool of a teething baby could easily soak the bib. I began purchasing a variety of bibs to capture what I liked and did not like. Something within me leaped and I desired to create handcrafted, quality, fashion forward BIBS. Thanks to the many requests from our moms we have expanded our offerings now to include hair accessories, skirts, tees, and a variety of other products for both children and parents.